Pinch VR Innovation Internships

Canada’s Leading Virtual Reality Design & Development Internship Program


What is the VR Innovation Lab?

The Pinch VR Innovation Lab is a 4 month paid Internship Program in partnership with leading post-secondary institutions and government sponsors for undergraduate and graduate students exploring a career in Computer Vision and Virtual Reality.


Available Spots

Total of up to 4 Spots Per Cohort
2 OpenCV Computer Vision Spots Per Cohort
2 Unity3D VR Developer Spots Per Cohort


Application Deadline  October 18th 2019
Candidates Shortlisted  October 25th 2019
Interns Selected  November 6th 2019
Start Date  January 6th 2020
Program Duration  4 months

Who it's for

  • Computer Vision Students

  • Computer Science Students

  • Game Design Students

  • Unity3D Development Students

  • Game Development Students


Build on top of the most accessible VR technology

Pinch's ubiquitous interactive VR platform for Android & iOS enables universal access.


“My experience with PinchVR provided invaluable experience and insight into the Virtual Reality industry. Working on PinchVR’s unique design challenges was incredibly rewarding.”

"Working at Pinch VR was an absolute pleasure and a great learning experience. Every day was a new opportunity to create something fun and innovative that pushed the boundaries of VR."

"For me, the best of Pinch was the team culture fostered there. Everyone in the team is really talented and supportive, which really motivates you to do better every day."

Davis Wu

3rd Year Computer Engineering
University of Toronto

Parth Soni

4th Year Digital Futures
OCAD University

Danning Lu

Master of Digital Media
Ryerson University


Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible for the Pinch VR Innovation Lab students must be Canadian citizens under 30 years of age enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary digital media, design, or engineering program. Below are minimum skillset requirements for consideration:


OpenCV Computer Vision Developer

  • Experience in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics or related technical field

  • 3+ years experience developing real-time computer vision software in C++, including algorithm design and systems software development

  • Experience with machine learning, Bayesian filtering, information theory and/or 3D geometry

  • Understanding of applied mathematics and numerical optimization

  • Develop novel computer vision algorithms and advanced systems with a focus on real-time sensor fusion, camera calibration, and 3D reconstruction

  • Research, develop and prototype software technologies related to tracking, 3D reconstruction, photometric stereo and object detection

  • Apply machine learning to computer vision problems

  • Conceive proof-of-concept prototypes that establish overall system performance

  • Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of various deployed systems

Unity3D VR Developer

  • Minimum 2 years experience with Unity3D

  • Must have Google Cardboard or Google VR SDK experience

  • Proficient in Unity3D environment workflow Unity3D’s UI system

  • Efficient problem solver given tight deadlines

  • Knowledge of Unity3D components, how prefabs work, basic project setup and understanding of publishing settings for optimization

  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming

  • Demonstrate understanding of Unity's basic scripting API and functions such as event systems, Raycasts, primitive colliders etc.

  • Demonstrate understanding of mobile VR optimization for iOS and Android ie. poly optimization, lightmap baking, UI handling, reducing draw calls when needed etc.

  • Standout Candidates have knowledge of Unity Networking (ie. Photon Networking, UNET etc.

  • Standout Candidates have experience deploying mobile VR to App/Play Stores

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