Dx3 Future of Retail: March 2015

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are poised to transform our entire world. It's a whole new medium as disruptive as the radio and television were for us in the 1900s.

While the majority VR companies around this time were focused on the gaming, we at Pinch, believe there are other benefits to these immersive technologies beyond blasting zombies in epic resolution. In media, we've expressed our views on how these new computing mechanisms will revolutionize commerce and advertising for all industries.

Over our press tour we have established a position as a company who has the foresight to imagine how new technologies, no matter how fringe, will impact the way people do business all around the world.

In March of 2015, we were honoured to have been asked to speak at Dx3, Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to technology, digital marketing and retail. In addition, we were chosen as one of five companies around the world to showcase our technology in the Retail Collective Lab which demonstrates how the notion of the physical store is at an historic turning point: no longer mere distribution point, but rather a powerful experience and media channel which tries to answer… what is the future of store?

The Retail Collective has curated the leading retail technology companies in the world and defined through physical experience what’s next in store for retail - it was humbling to be amongst a group of such innovative thinkers and doers.

Check out the interview between Amber Mac (Technologist + Media Personality) and Milan Baic (Founder of Pinch VR).