A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: February 2015

What began as a passion project quickly became an unyielding dream with our backers making it our reality. We started with an idea, to build the ultimate mobile VR system. For virtual reality a minimum of three components are necessary to have a complete solution: output (head mounted display), input (controllers), software (content), and of course a computing device - in this case the smartphone.

With that in mind we believed and still do, that the best mobile VR experience is the one that’s with you. One that’s integrated with your smartphone and fits in your pocket.

And thus, at Pinch we focused on portability with the ultimate objective of singularity.

In February of 2015 we were able to communicate this idea and get the media and press excited with a vision, endless late nights and a prototype made from 3D printed parts and off the shelf components.

Because of our backers and the supportive tech community we were able to double our initial goal of $50,000 to that of $102,950 from over 900 contributors propelling us to focus on developing virtual reality technology with intractable force.