VR Touch for Everyone TM


The easy-access interactive VR platform in an envelope.

The ultimate end-to-end delivery platform for content creators to connect with the masses in Virtual Reality.

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Printable VR System

For the cost of a catalogue, Pinch delivers a fully interactive, comfortable, and usable VR system customers can enjoy with full VR experiences.



With full support for the Google Cardboard SDK along with a simple Unity3D plugin allows developers of all proficiencies to integrate Pinch VR into their workflow.


DELIVERY & fulfillment

Pinch is a fully printable and customizable VR system distributed in an envelope that enables brands and developers to distribute their applications through direct mail.


Self-popping viewer and controllers for iOS and Android

User-friendly setup in less than 5 seconds. Works with all modern smartphone and phablet models.


Machine vision input for hand interactivity in Virtual Environments

Utilizing machine-vision technology for positional hand tracking delivers simple and versatile multi-touch interactivity for VR applications.


Showcase App for iOS and Android coming December 2016

PinchVR Showcase is a cross-industry demo application showcasing possibilities with vision-based interactive VR for mobile devices. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones.


Industry Partnerships

Pinch is extensively involved with industry, academia and government programs to accelerate Virtual Reality to the mainstream. As alumni of several accelerators and incubators, Pinch is working with institutions in the private and public sector to bring our vision to reality.